An Unexpected Suitemate, Part 3

I was writing a blog post when a knock suddenly came from the door. An older Thai gentleman stood outside and talked to our youngest suitemate for a bit. He was a graduate student, one of Sangwon’s classmates, but it seemed like all of the Thai students were well-acquainted with each other.

The conversation ended, and the new visitor peeked into my room—I thought he was interested in my guqin. I was very, very wrong.

“He’ll be staying with us from now on!” my young friend exclaimed.

“Cool!” said Sangwon. “It’ll be a full house!”

I groaned internally and tried to think of where I could move all of my stuff.

“I’ve gotten permission to switch rooms,” our visitor explained.

I nodded and kept typing. He left to grab his stuff, and I quickly removed my belongings from his side of the room.

This will be an interesting year indeed.

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